​About Grow: Plant Health ExchangeSM

The Plant Management Network (PMN) has been reimagined. Welcome to Grow: Plant Health ExchangeSM​!​

​Grow is a nonprofit, freely available, onlin​e resource of timely, science-based information on plant health. It's a place for plant health management professionals to exchange knowledge and discover the latest applied research:​

  • ​Applied researchers generate the content for Grow, sharing their work and amplifying their reach.

  • Plant health practitioners consume the content on Grow, relying on this user-friendly platform to provide proven plant health science.​​

As an outreach service of The American Phytopathological Society, Grow: Plant Health ExchangeSM serves the needs of educators and students, diagnosticians, county agents, advisors, consultants, pesticide applicators, and other professionals in plant health management. And unlike other content providers, Grow delivers peer-reviewed, impartial information that applies to a broad range of geographies and crops.

Discover Grow:​ Plant Health ExchangeSM by accessing this collection of resources produced to enhance professional knowledge, increase profitability, and improve sustainability of plant production.

Rights and Permissions

The webcasts on Grow: Plant Health ExchangeSM​ are freely available and can be downloaded and embedded for noncommercial purposes. Users are asked to provide credit to Grow: Plant Health ExchangeSM​ using the citation provided for each webcast. To use the webcasts and related materials for commercial purposes, please request permission in writing at focuson@scisoc.org.

Unless noted otherwise, all “Focus ​on Cotton” webcasts and related materials are copyrighted by Cotton Inc., and all other webcasts and related materials are copyrighted by The American Phytopathological Society (APS). Webcasts and related materials produced by employees of the U.S. Department of Agriculture are not copyrighted.

The photo above and the Grow Monthly photo are reproduced courtesy Kamada Kaori and pixdeluxe, respectively, with permission of iStock by Getty Images. The “Focus on” crop images are reproduced courtesy Pixabay.​

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Plant Health Progress is a peer-reviewed multidiciplinary, online journal of applied plant health.