​​​Corn Storage

October 2011 | 35 min., 39 sec.
by Kenneth Hellevang
North Dakota State University


​Proper corn storage management is critical to maintain the quality of stored corn. The presentation will provide growers across the U.S. with various management practices for corn storage. The talk particularly covers required moisture contents for storage at various corn temperatures, recommended corn temperatures during storage, aeration, and procedures for monitoring stored corn.

About the Presenter

Kenneth HellevangKenneth Hellevang has a PhD in Engineering and is a Registered Professional Engineer. As a Professor of Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering at North Dakota State University, he has provided education and technical assistance in crop postharvest, structures, indoor environmental engineering, mold and moisture problems in structures, flood preparation and recovery, and energy efficiency to professionals and citizens across the United States and internationally since 1980. He has conducted research on numerous grain drying and storage topics including moisture content changes in stored grain during summer, drying and storage of dry edible beans, air temperature increase due to grain drying and aeration fans, and aeration duct design.​

Contact Information:
Email: kenneth.hellevang@ndsu.edu


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