​​Cover Crop Termination Timing and Techniques

January 2021 | 23 min., 15 sec.
by Bill Robertson
University of Arkansas


​​​This webcast presents termination timing results of a cereal rye cover crop and explains how they impacted water infiltration and lint yield. Termination is often based on anticipated planting dates. Discussion focuses on the logic for termination based on growth stage of the cover crop to shield the soil surface for the entire cropping season and to improve soil health with the goal of achieving continuous improvement in U.S. cotton production.

About the Presenter

Bill RobertsonBill Robertson has served as the cotton Extension agronomist with the University of Arkansas system Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service for the past 5 years. He held this position previously for 12 years before leaving the Division of Ag to join the National Cotton Council in Memphis, Tennessee. In his current position, he provides leadership for educational programs in cotton production and agronomic systems that improve yield, profitability, and sustainability. Bill was raised on a cotton, grain, and cattle farm near Lubbock, Texas. He holds advanced degrees in agronomy from Texas A&M University.

Contact Information:
Email: brobertson@uaex.edu


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