New Herbicide Technologies for Sorghum

January 2022 | 22 min., 59 sec.
by Brent Bean
Sorghum Checkoff


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​​Three new non-GMO herbicide-tolerant sorghum technologies for over-the-top grass control will be available to growers in 2022: Inzen sorghum from Corteva, Igrowth sorghum from Advanta, and Double Team sorghum from S&W (Sorghum Partners). Each is unique and will have its own strengths and weaknesses. The herbicides used for each technology are being compared on different grass and weed species in trials sponsored by the United Sorghum Checkoff Program.

About the Presenter

Brent BeanBrent Bean has been the Director of Agronomy for the United Sorghum Checkoff Program since June 2015. Previously, he spent 3 years as the Director of Agronomy for NexSteppe, where he led a team of agronomists in developing best-management practices for sweet and biomass sorghum. Brent began his career serving as Texas A&M Extension and Research Agronomist in the Texas Panhandle for 25 years. In that role, his research and educational efforts focused on developing best-management practices for sorghum, corn, and wheat production. Brent received his bachelor's and master’s degrees in crop science from Texas Tech University and his PhD in weed science from the University of Nebraska.​​

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