2022 Crop Production Shortcourse

January 2023 | 26 min., 51 sec.
by John Byrd
Mississippi State University

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​This webcast provides a historical review of the dangerous effects posed by herbicides for humans and animals. Recent legislation is addressed concerning protection of threatened and endangered species, and updates are provided regarding the Endangered Species Act (ESA), the Mississippi Natural Heritage Program (MNHP), the Center for Biological Diversity, and other organizations.

About the Presenter

John ByrdJohn Byrd is an Extension and research professor in the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences at Mississippi State University. His Extension work focuses on weed control for forages and for lawn and garden. Byrd has a BS from Clemson University and MS and PhD degrees from North Carolina State University.

Contact Information:
Email: jdb4@msstate.edu


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