Pesticide Regulatory Update

January 2023 | 30 min., 11 sec.
by Andy Whittington
Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation

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​This presentation outlines provisions of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and identifies priorities of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Topics include Bulletins Live! Two, a web-based tool to allow location-specific requirements to be relayed to pesticide users; how to submit comments about the ESA to the EPA; interim decisions about pesticides for 2022; and proposed and interim decisions for 2023.

About the Presenter

Andy WhittingtonAndy Whittington​ is the environmental programs coordinator for the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF). His primary purpose is to ensure that MFBF members are up to date on federal environmental regulations. He supports members by advising government agencies on how to formulate regulations that will not burden Mississippi farmers. On a daily basis, he helps farmers solve the problems they face related to environmental regulations, wildlife, and conservation. Whittington has BS and MS degrees in agricultural economics from Mississippi State University.

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