Advanced Planting Technologies Customized for Arizona Cotton

January 2024 | 26 min., 29 sec.
by Pedro Andrade-Sanchez
The University of Arizona


​This in an informative presentation on recent progress in the implementation of precision planting technology to cotton production in the state of Arizona. The talk will cover five topics connected to precision planting in irrigated cotton: a) energy-information considerations; b) differences between conventional and precision planters; c) implementation in irrigated farming systems; d) estimated costs and potential benefits; and e) possibilities for increased efficiencies in planting operations and early season management.

About the Presenter

Pedro Andrade-SanchezPedro Andrade-Sanchez is an Associate Professor - Specialist in Precision Agriculture at The University of Arizona. Currently, Pedro leads an innovative research and extension program in precision agriculture and advanced technologies for the State of Arizona. His program focuses on the implementation of information-intensive solutions engineered to increase efficiencies in crop production of farming systems in semi-arid lands.

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