​Managing Troublesome Grass Weeds

January 2024 | 24 min., 53 sec.
by David Russell
Auburn University

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​Generally, several options are available for managing broadleaves in grass crops, but few options are available for removing grass weeds from grass crops. Many species of grasses are problematic, but Italian ryegrass and goosegrass are particularly challenging. Multistate studies have examined the uses of DRA, glyphosate, and dicamba alone​ and in combination. Spraying when weeds are small and otherwise being proactive are key factors in effective management.

About the Presenter

David Russell David Russell is an assistant Extension professor in weed science in the College of Agriculture at Auburn University. His program areas are agronomic crops and animal sciences and forages, and his specialty areas are weed management in corn, soybean, small grains, forage/pasture, and noncrop and highway right-of-ways (ROWs); invasive plant management; cover crops for weed management; and weed biology and ecology. He has a PhD in weed science, an MS in agronomy, and bachelor’s degrees in landscape architecture and landscape contracting.

Contact Information:
Email: dpr0013@auburn.edu


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