Trash-In, Trash-Out: Soil Sampling Strategies for Optimum Soil Test Results

January 2024 | 23 min., 47 sec.
by Corey Bryant
Mississippi State University

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​Soil sampling allows knowing what’s in your soil, identifying and treating soil variability, maximizing fertilizer use efficiency, and maximizing crop productivity. These purposes can be thwarted, however, when soil sampling is performed at the incorrect depth, uses improper tools, provides too much variation, and includes too few cores, as well as when soil moisture and sample timing are not addressed.

About the Presenter

Corey Bryant is an assistant professor of agronomy and soil fertility at Mississippi State University (MSU) and works at the Delta Research and Extension Center (DREC). The major goal of DREC is to increase the yields of commercial agriculture and aquaculture producers while preserving the Mississippi Delta’s environment and natural resources. Bryant holds a PhD from MSU, an MS from Texas Tech University, and a BS from the University of Arkansas–Monticello.

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