MS Peanut Production in 2023 and Moving Forward

January 2024 | 20 min., 58 sec.
by Brendan Zurweller
Mississippi State University

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​This presentation begins by reviewing the impacts of the 2023 drought in southern Mississippi: namely, an increase in southern blight disease; low yields, which substantially lowered U.S. production; and overall reduced peanut quality. The drought also has the potential to influence seed germination and vigor and thus seedborne disease in 2024. Considerations are provided for planting management and for controlling disease in 2024. The presentation ends with an update on the peanut farm bill.

About the Presenter

Brendan Zurweller Brendan Zurweller is a peanut specialist with the Mississippi State University (MSU) Extension Service and an assistant professor of agronomy in the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station. His main responsibilities are to deliver educational programs and to conduct research designed to improve peanut production systems in the state. Zurweller has a bachelor’s degree in environmental science and a master’s degree in soil science from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a doctorate in agronomy from the University of Florida.

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