​​​Crop Production/Pest Management Producer Panel

February 2020 | 27 min., 12 sec.
by Murilo Maeda
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension


​This grower panel addressed some of the challenges faced this year by most growers in our region, including seed quality, weather, insects, and off-target herbicide movement. While most of the region had good moisture coming into planting, those areas that received rain after crop establishment also received some damaging hail to go with it. Shelley Huguley wrote a nice piece on this, which is available online.

About the Presenter

Murilo MaedaMurilo Maeda is an assistant professor and extension cotton specialist for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service in the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences. In this capacity, he provides leadership in cotton production for the Texas High Plains and in developing educational programs and materials related to the profitable and sustainable production of cotton in a challenging, semi-arid environment. His program involves interactions with farmers, county and IPM agents, extension specialists, research faculty, and allied industry to develop and deliver new technologies and educational programs designed to help cotton producers make timely and informed crop management decisions.​

Contact Information:
Email: mmaeda@ag.tamu.edu


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