​​Grass Control in Corn, Cotton, and Soybean

February 2020 | 17 min., 07 sec.
by Daniel O. Stephenson
Louisiana State University

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​Stephenson addresses the factors involved in the poor control of grass in corn, cotton, and soybean that occurred during 2019 in the states of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana. He reviews the history of grass control and the resistance that has developed among various types of grass, such as johnsongrass. He also identifies reasons for the failure to control grasses in 2019, including poor coverage and poor environmental conditions. Stephenson concludes by making recommendations for herbicide use to control grass.

About the Presenter

Daniel O. StephensonDaniel O. Stephenson is a professor and Extension specialist in weed science and a research coordinator at the Dean Lee Research Station, Louisiana State University AgCenter, in Alexandria. He previously held positions at the University of Arkansas, the University of Florida, and Auburn University. Stephenson earned a BS in agronomy and soils and an MS in agronomy and soils–weed science from Auburn University and a PhD in crop, soil, and environmental sciences–weed science from the University of Arkansas.​

Contact Information:
Email: DStephenson@agcenter.lsu.edu


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