​​Herbicide Programs in Mississippi Row Crops

February 2020 | 28 min., 51 sec.
by Jason A. Bond
Mississippi State University

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​Grass control is challenging for Mississippi growers. Italian ryegrass, which is resistant to glyphosate, clethodim, and ALS-inhibiting herbicides, is common in the Delta area of the state. Complete control of dense populations of Italian ryegrass requires multiple herbicide applications. Summer annual grass control can be influenced by nozzles, spray mixtures, and application volume. Severe infestations of summer annual grasses should be managed as a primary target. 

About the Presenter

Jason A. BondJason A. Bond received his BS and MS from Louisiana State University (LSU) and his PhD from the University of Arkansas. Jason worked 2 two years with the LSU AgCenter at the Rice Research Station in Crowley. He currently serves as a research/extension weed scientist at Mississippi State University’s Delta Research and Extension Center in Stoneville. His duties include development of weed control programs in rice and soybean with emphasis on managing herbicide-resistant weed species.

Contact Information:
Email: jason.bond@msstate.edu


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