​​Cotton Compensation for Fruit Loss Due to Insects

February 2020 | 16 min., 06 sec.
by Whitney Crow
Mississippi State University

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​This presentation defines plant compensation and explains why it is important. The presentation will focus on examples of pest management in which compensation from injury was seen. The objectives of this presentation are to demonstrate that every pest-related injury warrants an insecticide application and that it is important for growers to be mindful of the management decisions they make.

About the Presenter

Whitney CrowWhitney Crow is an extension entomologist at Mississippi State University. She received her BS in crop and soil management from the University of Tennessee at Martin, her MS in weed science at the University of Tennessee, and her PhD in entomology at Mississippi State University. Whitney’s current responsibilities cover pest management across all row crops.​

Contact Information:
Email: wdc165@msstate.edu


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