​Overview of the 2019 Backwater Flood & the Yazoo Backwater Project​

February 2020 | 24 min., 06 sec.
by Peter Nimrod
Mississippi Levee Board

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​Peter Nimrod, chief engineer of the Mississippi Levee Board, reports on the 2019 Mississippi South Delta backwater flood, which flooded 548,000 acres, including 231,000 acres of crop land. The solution to this backwater flooding is the construction of the Yazoo Backwater Pumps Project, which was vetoed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 2008.

About the Presenter

Peter NimrodPeter Nimrod is the chief engineer of the Mississippi Levee Board. He is originally from Greenville, Mississippi, and graduated from Auburn University in 1992 with a civil engineering degree. He worked for W. L. Burle, Engineers, P. A., a consulting civil engineering firm in Greenville, before coming to the Mississippi Levee Board in 1999 as assistant engineer. He was named chief engineer in 2004. Nimrod is a professional engineer and professional land surveyor. He is a member of the Mississippi Engineering Society (MES) and the Mississippi Association of Professional Surveyors (MAPS). He serves on the Engineering Committee of the Mississippi Valley Flood Control Association and on the Board of Directors of the Mississippi Water Resources Association. He also is a member of the Flood Control and Water Resource Committee of Delta Council.​

Contact Information:
Email: peter@msleveeboard.com


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