​​​​​​Producer Panel: Water Management

March 2022 | 43 min., 11 sec.
by Drew M. Gholson, Brian Andrus, Hayes Harris, Jeffry Mitchell, and Sledge Taylor
Mississippi State University


​​In this panel discussion, producers Brian Andrus, Hayes Harris, Jeffry Mitchell, and Sledge Taylor address the benefits of using soil moisture sensors and the specific benefits offered by different types of sensors, as well as the reasons some farmers have not adopted them. Soil moisture sensors put an objective number on soil moisture and take the guesswork out of making decisions on when to irrigate. Using soil moisture sensors usually lowers the number of irrigations needed, resulting in enough savings to more than pay for their cost. Panel members also discuss the need to be proactive in conserving the water supply. The members of the panel use different techniques but have similar goals and results in conserving water. ​

About the Presenter

Drew M. GholsonDrew M. Gholson serves as coordinator for the National Center for Alluvial Aquifer Research and Extension Irrigation Specialist at Mississippi State University, located at the Delta Research and Extension Center in Stoneville. His responsibilities include conceiving, developing, and promoting the adoption of profitable irrigation strategies that conserve water, maintain soil resources, and improve water quality. Drew resides in Leland, Mississippi, with his wife and two children.

Sledge TaylorSl​​edge Taylor graduated from Mississippi State University in 1974 with a degree in agricultural engineering technology and business. He then returned home to the family farm in Como, Mississippi, and has farmed since that time. Cotton is the family’s primary crop, but they also grow corn and peanuts and in the past have grown soybeans and wheat. The family also have a cow calf operation and finish some of the steers on grass for a local farm-to-table operation. Sledge has held leadership positions in agricultural organizations at the local, state, regional, and national levels and sees the value they bring for all producers. He is on his county NRCS Committee and uses many conservation methods on his family’s farm. In 2020, he was the Mississippi Row Crop Conservation Farmer of the Year.

Jeffry MitchellJeffry Mitchell is a partner in the Moore Company in Cary, Mississippi.​​​

Contact Information:
Email: drew.gholson@msstate.edu


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