Palmer Amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) Management in Cotton Using an Integrated Approach: A Multi-State Study

February 2023 | 40 min., 7 sec.
by Sarah Kezar
Texas A&M AgriLife


Herbicide-resistant Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) is a serious concern in cotton, with seed production and seedbank replenishment by uncontrolled weed escapes directly impacting production and profitability. This study is centered on seedbank management as a key aspect of herbicide-resistant weed management by exploring integrated management tactics implemented throughout the growing season. This multi-state study, initiated in 2020, has been ongoing in Raleigh, North Carolina; Marianna, Arkansas; College Station, Texas; and Lubbock, Texas. Results so far demonstrate the value of integrating residual herbicides and targeting weed escapes in the late season in minimizing seedbank inputs. Findings of this ongoing experiment are expected to help develop regionally suitable integrated weed management programs in cotton for reducing Palmer amaranth infestations in the long term.

About the Presenter

Sarah KezarSarah Kezar completed her BS degree at Oklahoma State University, where she also competed on the university rodeo team. Kezar graduated in 2018 with a major in agronomy and minors in animal science and agricultural economics. She then continued in an MS program with a focus on soybean growth and yield response to abiotic stress. Kezar is currently studying weed science and cotton production in a PhD program with Dr. Muthukumar Bagavathiannan at Texas A&M University; she plans to complete her degree in the spring of 2023. Afterward, she plans to continue studying weed ecology in a postdoctoral program and then pursue a career in academia or the USDA–ARS.

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