​​​Replicated Strip-Trial Program

March 2013 | 22 min., 45 sec.
by Guy D. Collins
University of Georgia

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Variety Selection is one of the most important decisions a grower can make, as selecting a variety sets the maximum yield potential for a particular field and environment. Improper variety selection cost Georgia producers an average of $88 to $277/A in 2011, depending upon the selection error among the top varieties for Georgia from the primary seed companies. Due to the rapid release of varieties onto the marketplace, it is very difficult to evaluate varieties in a timely manner. With the support of Cotton Inc., The Replicated Strip-Trial Program was initiated to expand on-farm variety testing into greater geographies, in hopes to evaluate variety performance in as many environments as possible in order to provide producers with timely information.​

About the Presenter

Guy D. CollinsGuy D. Collins is the University of Georgia Extension Cotton Agronomist. Dr. Collins's primary responsibilities are his extension efforts, in which he provides assistance, support and training programs for county agents and cotton growers in Georgia regarding cotton production and management. His research efforts support his extension program in providing current information that enables Georgia cotton growers in maximizing yield potential, reducing production costs, optimizing the timing of agronomic inputs, and decision making. He works closely with the county agents, the UGA cotton team, the Georgia Cotton Commission, and others.​

Contact Information:
Email: guyc@uga.edu


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