​​​Landscape Effects on Pest Management

March 2013 | 11 min., 42 sec.
by Clint Allen

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​A number of variables can affect insect populations in cotton at a particular location from year to year. One of the factors that may have a profound effect on populations of some insect pests of cotton, such as the tarnished plant bug, is the area of landscape. Recently, wings from tarnished plant bug adults collected in cotton fields adjacent and at least one mile from corn have been examined to gain insight into the host plant of development before moving into cotton. The proximity to corn did not have a major influence on the percentage of tarnished plant bug adults collected in cotton that had developed on corn as nymphs. Also, it is estimated that corn had a bigger impact than pigweed on the contribution of tarnished plant bug adults in cotton.

About the Presenter

Clint AllenClint Allen is a Research Entomologist at the USDA-ARS Southern Insect Management Research Unit in Stoneville, Mississippi.​

Contact Information:
Email: clint.allen@ars.usda.gov


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