​​Uses and Caveats with Liberty Herbicide on Liberty Link and WideStrike Cotton Cultivars

March 2013 | 14 min., 53 sec.
by Larry Steckel
The University of Tennessee

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​With glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth becoming more prevalent, TN cotton producers have moved from a glyphosate-based weed management system to a Liberty-based weed management system in the last 5 years. This system includes pre plant, pre emergence and post directed applications of other herbicides besides Liberty to be successful. This system has for the most part controlled weeds particularly Palmer but it is not as inexpensive or easy as when glyphosate still controlled Palmer amaranth.

About the Presenter

Larry SteckelLarry Steckel is an Associate Professor and Row Crop Weed Specialist at The University of Tennessee.​

Contact Information:
Email: lsteckel@utk.edu


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