​​​​Lessons Learned From Irrigation Pump Monitoring in the Midsouth​

March 2013 | 27 min., 26 sec.
by Christopher Henry
University of Arkansas

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​Technology is being developed to monitor the performance and provide growers the control to monitor irrigation pumping plants. As energy cost increase and water availability reduced due to climate variability and groundwater overdrafts, this technology may provide some real benefits and flexibility to growers. The presentation “Lessons Learned from Pump Monitoring in the Mid-south” discusses some recent pump monitor installations and what was learned from a select group of them during the 2011 and 2012 growing season.

About the Presenter

Christopher HenryChristopher Henry is an Assistant Professor and Water Management Engineer at the University of​ Arkansas. He is located at the Rice Research and Extension Center in Stuttgart, Arkansas.​

Contact Information:
Email: cghenry@uark.edu


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