​​​Thrips Management in Cotton: The Game Has Changed

March 2018 | 13 min., 51 sec.
by Whitney Crow
Mississippi State University

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​This presentation covers in detail thrips management in cotton and how management has changed over recent years. Concentrating on the Tobacco thrips, the most prevalent species, the author discusses the effectiveness of various treatment strategies and modes of action, as well as the growing resistance of these pests to specific chemicals. The author also highlights various thrips-resistant cotton varieties, which can be employed to mitigate damage. In addition, the author offers updated management recommendations for optimal thrips control.

About the Presenter

Whitney CrowWhitney Crow is an Extension Associate at Mississippi State University. She received her BS in crop and soil management from the University of Tennessee at Martin and her MS in weed science at the University of Tennessee.​

Contact Information:
Email: wdc165@msstate.edu


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