​​​​Variable Rate Phosphorus

March 2018 | 27 min., 43 sec.
by Brian Arnall
Oklahoma State University

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​In this talk, the author shares phosphorus management concepts, as well as the current issues related to phosphorus management. Among the many topics discussed are the crop response to fertilizers at various soil levels, soil sampling, and regulation.

About the Presenter

Brian ArnallBrian Arnall has responsibilities in Extension, teaching, and research focused on precision technologies and nutrient management in all of Oklahoma’s cropping systems, with an emphasis on site-specific techniques. He works closely with Extension educators and industry personnel to improve nutrient management practices that will lead to increased profitability of Oklahoma producers. He currently has several ongoing studies focused on the developed of methods to use sensor-based technologies, nitrogen fertilizer timing and placement, increasing nutrient use efficiency, and improvement phosphorus fertilizer recommendations. In addition Brian has a crew of developers producing iOS and Android applications.​

Contact Information:
Email: b.arnall@okstate.edu


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