​​Where Does Your Fertilizer Come From & What Determines Cost?​

March 2019 | 21 min., 02 sec.
by Trey Cutts
Yara North America Inc.

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​In agriculture we have a great industry of experts to help further our knowledge of crop nutrition and soil fertility. But what often doesn’t get discussed is where crop nutrition inputs come from, and what are the factors influencing the costs of those inputs. This presentation gives a high level overview of fertilizer manufacturing, global fertilizer trade, and major global market influencers. This is intended not as a pricing guide, but rather to give growers insight into a complex marketplace.

About the Presenter

Trey CuttsTrey Cutts is currently serving as the Crop Manager for Cotton and Corn at Yara North America. This role is designed to drive crop nutrition knowledge in these focus crops by implementing agronomic programs rooted in established science and new technology. Yara is a global leader in crop nutrition knowledge and fertilizer production with operations in over 60 countries with employees over 16,000 strong. Yara is committed to help farmers sustainably and profitably feed the world.​​

Contact Information:
Email: trey.cutts@yara.com


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