​​Soil Sensing Technology on the Planter

March 2019 | 36 min., 27 sec.
by Jason Webster
Precision Planting

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​This presentation discusses the ability of planter "Sensing Technology" that can read and report important information while planting using SmartFirmer. SmartFirmer is a seed firmer along with electronics that can read organic matter, cation exchange capacity, furrow moisture, furrow residue, and soil temperature. These attributes are all important aspects of planting and can now be read and reported into the planter tractor cab so operators can understand the environmental conditions during the most important pass of a farming operation. This presentation will show the importance of each attribute measured and the agronomic consequences from a yield perspective.

About the Presenter

Jason WebsterJason Webster joined the Precision Planting team in 2016 as Lead Commercial Agronomist. Jason brings a unique drive and passion in his role with his life-long commitment to identifying improved profitability and efficiencies with new farm practices for growers. Jason Webster comes to every engagement with a desire to not only share antidotes he’s learned from his 30+ years of experience in the field and industry, but also interact with the audience in one on one, “down to earth” and relatable conversations where learning can happen spontaneously and in the moment. In the spring of 2018, Precision Planting introduced its customers to the new Precision Technology Institute (PTI) Farm, located conveniently 90 minutes south of Chicago off I-55 in Pontiac, Illinois. The 200 acre PTI research farm is founded on the principle of “challenging the status quo”. As the Director of Farm Research, Precision Planting PTI, Jason provides discipline and leadership through the entire process, including oversight of almost 70+ on-farm field trials, in-depth dealer training, personally hosting in-person field visits through-out the summer, and providing agronomic insights to thousands of staff, dealers, and customers. Jason shines as an engaging speaker who not only personally develops the research protocols he presents, he conducts the studies from planting to harvest, tirelessly calculates and re-calculates the results, and drives insightful conclusions and recommendations that are then shared in his role as key researcher and educator for the Precision Planting Commercial team.

Contact Information:
Email: jason.webster@precisionplanting.com


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