​​​​Cotton Insect Management

March 2020 | 33 min., 40 sec.
by Gus Lorenz
University of Arkansas

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​Lorenz reviews management of key insects on cotton in the Mid-South, including the tobacco thrips, tarnished plant bug (TPB), stink bug, leaf-footed bug, bollworm, and spider mite. He identifies the TPB as the most important pest and states that factors influencing management include landscape diversity, planting date, tillage practices, pest management practices for other crops, environment/weather, and wild hosts. Lorenz demonstrates sampling of early season plant bugs and of mid- and late-season plant bugs and reviews the efficacies of products for TPB management. For the bollworm, Lorenz reviews 2019 thresholds and treatment protocols, efficacy data for selected insecticides, and management strategies. Lorenz calls spider mites “budget busters” and recommends rotating chemistries in response to “bounce back” of populations. 

About the Presenter

Gus LorenzGus Lorenz began his career as a County Agent in Jefferson County and then served as Area Soybean Specialist, Area Soybean and Wheat Specialist, and finally Area Cotton Specialist. He returned to school to get his PhD, which he completed in 1995, and then became an Extension Entomologist and IPM Coordinator. In 2005, Gus was promoted to Associate Department Head for Extension Entomologists, and in 2017, he became Associate Department Head for Extension Entomology and Plant Pathology. His primary responsibilities include major row crops. Gus has worked for the University of Arkansas for 34 years.

Contact Information:
Email: glorenz@uaex.edu


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