​​​​Marketing Considerations for 2022

March 2022 | 24 min., 45 sec.
by Will Maples
Mississippi State University

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​​This presentation gives an overview of row crop market conditions. Discussion focuses on the current export demand and growing conditions in Brazil and looks ahead to 2022 planting expectations. Note: This presentation was delivered on December 8, 2021, and some information may be out of date, as market conditions continually change. Even so, viewers will benefit from learning what types of information and data are important when developing a market outlook.

About the Presenter

Will Maples ​Will Maples is an assistant professor and row crop Extension economist with Mississippi State University. Dr. Maples’s Extension specialty is row crop marketing: He aids producers in the decision-making process by providing information on market conditions and education on risk management strategies. In addition to commodity marketing, Dr. Maples’s research interests include the economics of farm management practices and field crop production. In the classroom, he has taught undergraduate financial and commodity futures marketing.

Contact Information:
Email: will.maples@msstate.edu


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