​​Tarnished Plant Bug Management Strategies for Mid-Atlantic Cotton​

June 2019 | 18 min., 08 sec.
by Sally Taylor and Seth Dorman
Virginia Tech


​Tarnished plant bug is an important economic pest of cotton in Virginia and North Carolina that requires management to preserve yield. This presentation focuses on scouting and identification of the pest, its distribution in the affected region, and general management strategies including variety selection, planting date, and insecticide spray timing. Insecticide efficacy and resistance monitoring results are included. After this presentation, consultants, county agents, growers, and scouts should be more familiar with how to identify and control this species.

About the Presenter

Sally Taylor ​Sally Taylor is the row crop entomology extension and research specialist for Virginia Tech. Her research program focuses on developing insect pest management strategies that reduce insecticide usage while maintaining crop quality, profitability, and environmental quality.

Seth DormanSeth Dorman is a PhD graduate student at Virginia Tech. Seth is working on developing an integrated pest management for plant bug in​ mid-Atlantic cotton, landscape and environmental factors driving pest abundance, and resistance monitoring.​

Contact Information:
Email: svtaylor@vt.edu, sjdorman@vt.edu


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