​​​RFID Module Tracking: Setting up Your John Deere Green Star Monitor

July 2017 | 7 min., 05 sec.
by Rich Lindsey
Cherokee Gin & Cotton Co.

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With increased efficiencies and capacities, it is becoming increasingly important for producers and ginners alike to have improved module management tools. One of the newest module management tools is John Deere’s Harvest Identification for round modules. This technology is simplifying the transfer of module information from the producer to the gin. With Harvest Identification for round modules, all critical module information such as module serial number, client, farm, field, variety, latitude, and longitude of where the module was wrapped is captured and stored on the Green Star monitor and then automatically transferred to your gin’s module management software. The RFID tags that are embedded in the round module wrap are then utilized for tracking and identifying round modules. This presentation is designed to show growers and ginners how to work together to ensure growers have the correct information in their Green Star monitors so that data will easily and properly transfer between those monitors and the gin software.​

About the Presenter

Rich LindseyRich Lindsey was born and raised in the cotton business in Cherokee County, Alabama. He developed a strong and sincere passion for cotton farming and ginning at a very young age. He has been involved in the management of Cherokee Gin & Cotton Co. since graduation from high school in 2005 where he is now the manager and a partner. Rich, along with his Dad and another partner, have a 3000 acre row crop operation where cotton is the primary crop. He is also a partner in a five house poultry farm. Rich completed the National Cotton Ginner’s Association’s Certified Ginner Program in 2014 and recently completed the National Cotton Council’s Policy Education Program. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Southeastern Cotton Ginners Association. Besides his work on the farm and around the gin, Rich has been a member of McCord’s Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department for fourteen years where he has served as chief for the last six years. Rich also serves as the choir director at Ebenezer U.M.C.​

Contact Information:
Email: rich_lindsey@cherokeegin.com


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