​​RFID Utilization at Silver Creek Gin

July 2017 | 19 min., 44 sec.
by Jonathan McBride
Silver Creek Gin Co.

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​This presentation gives ginners, growers, and other associated professionals a better understanding of how to utilize RFID technology using the real-world setting of the Silver Creek Gin, located in Holly Bluff, Mississippi. The talk covers the practical aspects of RFID tracking, including the tagging systems, pallet identification, and reader locations. The talk also covers the advantages of RFID to both producers and ginners, as well as examples of the many tracking opportunities at the users’ disposal.

About the Presenter

Jonathan McBrideJonathan McBride is a manager at Silver Creek Gin Co. in Holly Bluff, Mississippi. He graduated from Mississippi State University with a BS in Agricultural Engineering Technology and Business.​​

Contact Information:
Email: jdmcbride77@gmail.com


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