Sound the Alarm: Paraquat-resistant Italian Ryegrass is Here

December 2022 | 26min,. 45sec.
by Charlie Cahoon
North Carolina State University


Herbicide-resistant Italian ryegrass is a troublesome weed that plagues cotton production across the Belt. In 2021, paraquat-resistant Italian ryegrass was confirmed in North Carolina. Even more alarming, this biotype is also resistant to glyphosate, ACCase-inhibitors, and ALS-inhibitors. This presentation discusses the history of herbicide-resistant Italian ryegrass, the recent confirmation of paraquat-resistant Italian ryegrass in North Carolina, and potential tactics for management of multiple-resistant biotypes.

About the Presenter

‚ÄčCharlie CahoonCharlie Cahoon is an Extension weed specialist and associate professor at North Carolina State University. His research focuses on developing innovative and sustainable weed management solutions for corn and cotton. Additionally, at the forefront of his research are management of herbicide-resistant common ragweed, horseweed, Palmer amaranth, and Italian ryegrass and preemptive measures for preventing herbicide resistance. He is also committed to promoting proper stewardship of new herbicide technologies. Cahoon received both his BS and PhD from North Carolina State University. His graduate work was conducted under the direction of Alan York and David Jordan and focused on herbicide-resistant Palmer amaranth management in cotton.

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