Developing a Farm Digital Strategy

December 2022 | 20min., 53sec.
by John Fulton
The Ohio State University


Farm data are generated by machinery, precision agriculture technologies, field sensors, and other sources at an increasing rate for crop production fields. Similarly, many agriculture companies have cloud platforms where data can be stored, viewed, and analyzed. These technological advances make it necessary for farm operations to consider developing a digital strategy to help maximize data utilization and provide value.

About the Presenter

John Fulton John Fulton is a professor and Extension specialist in the Food, Agriculture and Biological Engineering Department at The Ohio State University (OSU). His research and Extension focuses on digital agriculture, machinery automation, and use of spatial data to improve crop production and the farm business. He works with precision agriculture services providers across North America on technology options and services to support farmers, and he speaks internationally about the evolution of digital agriculture. Fulton helps lead the digital program at OSU and currently serves as president for the International Society of Precision Agriculture.

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