Microbiome Research—An Agricultural Primer

December 2022 | 14min,. 35sec.
by Thomas F. Ducey
Agricultural Research Service


This presentation serves as a primer on agricultural microbiome research, with a focus on the molecular techniques—also known as metagenomics—used to elucidate the tens of thousands of microbial species that reside in agricultural soil and provide the necessary ecosystem services required for profitable agriculture.

About the Presenter

Thomas DuceyThomas F. Ducey is a research microbiologist with Agricultural Research Service, the in-house research agency of the United States Department of Agriculture. His work involves examining the impacts of various agricultural management practices on the soil microbial community structure and function. He also works with other local, state, and federal agencies to reclaim and revegetate depleted and damaged soils. Ducey received his PhD in microbiology from the University of Oklahoma.

Contact Information:
Email: thomas.ducey@usda.gov


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