PGR Management for Northern Production Regions

December 2022 | 9 min., 4 sec.
by Seth Byrd
Oklahoma State University

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​This presentation review factors in plant growth regulator (PGR) management for northern U.S. production regions. General topics include considerations for PGR use (plant size and growth; dilution of effect; “pix effect”); other factors that regulate growth (variety selection; fruit retention; management of nutrients and water); and PGRs in dryland cotton (fruit loss from water and/or heat stress or storm damage; season-long conditions; risk of applying versus not applying; anticipating need).

About the Presenter

Seth Byrd

​Seth Byrd is the Extension cotton specialist for Oklahoma State University. He received a bachelor’s degree in agronomy from North Carolina State University, a master’s degree in agronomy from the University of Florida, and a PhD in crop and soil science with a focus on cotton agronomics from the University of Georgia. (OSU photo by Todd Johnson)

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