Optimizing Water Use for Great Plains Cotton

December 2022 | 35 min., 37 sec.
by Loren Seaman
Seaman Crop Consulting LLC

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​This presentation addresses cotton water management and the long-term water use advantage for planting cotton. Topics include cotton growing degree units (gdu) and water needs, cotton growth management and nitrogen management, use of growth regulators, dryland skip-row in Stevens County, irrigation and prewatering, variable rate irrigation, pivot problems, soil problems, and Dragon-Line irrigation.

About the Presenter

Loren Seaman, of Hugoton, Kansas, has been a crop consultant for 44 years, scouting 40,000–100,000 acres per year and consulting on all factors related to crop production. Seaman initiated cotton in southwestern Kansas with two farmers and 200 acres and has increased to an average of 70,000 acres per year in that region. His work helped build the Northwest Cotton Growers Co-Op Gin in 2004. Seaman received the NAICC National Crop Consultant of the Year Award in 2019.

Contact Information:
Email: seamancrop@hotmail.com


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