Optimizing Nitrogen Management in Dryland Cotton Using Precision Agriculture Technologies in the Southern High Plains

December 2022 | 9 min., 19 sec.
by Rupak Karn
Texas Tech University

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​This presentation presents research findings on optimizing nitrogen (N) management in dryland cotton using precision agriculture technologies in the southern High Plains. The N fertilizer response was found to vary with different landscape positions and weather patterns, indicating the potential to perform site-specific N management based on landscape positions. Preliminary results also showed that images from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have great potential in monitoring crop N status, with the canopy chlorophyll content index (CCCI) performing consistently better at three growth stages.

About the Presenter

Rupak KarnRupak Karn is a PhD student in the Department of Plant and Soil Science at Texas Tech University; his advisor is Wenxuan Guo. Karn’s research focuses on the precision management of nitrogen fertilizers to improve farming profitability. He intends to adopt the use of UAV and satellite technologies for the assessment of plant canopy nitrogen content.

Contact Information:
Email: rupkarn@ttu.edu


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