Cotton Crop Response and Control of Palmer Amaranth in HPPD-Tolerant Systems Using Isoxaflutole

December 2022 | 5 min., 30 sec.
by Maxwell Smith
Texas Tech University

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​Amaranthus palmeri is a very troublesome weed in cotton production on the Texas High Plains. New seed and herbicide technologies could soon allow cotton producers to use the HPPD herbicide isoxaflutole. Adding isoxaflutole to these systems could allow added control of A. palmeri and provide an option not previously available in cotton production.

About the Presenter

Maxwell SmithMaxwell Smith is a master’s degree student at Texas Tech University in the Department of Plant and Soil Science with a focus on weed science; his advisor is Peter Dotray. Smith graduated with a BS degree in plant and soil science from Texas Tech University in 2021. His current research focuses on control of Amaranthus palmeri in HPPD-tolerant cotton systems using the herbicide isoxaflutole.

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