​​Understanding the EPA Product Registration Review Process

December 2016 | 33 min., 28 sec.
by Jerry Wells and Cherilyn Moore
Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC

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​This talk broadly outlines what the EPA’s charge in approving new active ingredients, getting and maintaining new registrations. It specifically covers the EPA’s processes pertaining to risk evaluation, chronic toxicity testing in relation to human health, exposure, and more.​

About the Presenter

Jerry Wells ​Jerry Wells is currently a Regulatory Team Lead for Herbicides at Syngenta. For the last ~20 years he was in Greensboro with Novartis/Syngenta mostly in regulatory roles. He was a Sandoz field development rep from '84-'97 working in Nebraska and then Louisiana. He received his BS from TAMU in Agronomy, his MS from UGA in Crop Science, and his PhD from TT in Agriculture (way back in 1984).

Cherilyn Moore​Cherily​n Moore is currently a Regulatory Product Manager for Herbicides at Syngenta. She has worked at Syngenta since 2007 in Regulatory Affairs. She received her BS from Greensboro College in Chemistry and her MS at UNC-Greensboro in Biochemistry.​


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