​​Grower Citizen Science Project

December 2019 | 26 min., 57 sec.
by Natasja van Gestel
Texas Tech University


​There are many challenges facing cotton growers in west Texas. These include climate extremes, related to temperatures and drought, but also dwindling groundwater supplies. The information provided in the presentation is the result of a grower citizen science project that is aimed at helping growers face those challenges. This presentation will help consultants, county agents, growers, and other practitioners in the southern High Plains to understand more about regenerative practices that help build soil resiliency to climate extremes. Growers and other practitioners will learn about the effects of soil management on the soil environment, in terms of moisture and temperature, organic matter and the soil microbiology. By the end of the presentation practitioners will have an increased understanding of how certain simple agricultural practices promote soil resiliency to climate extremes.

About the Presenter

Natasja van GestelNatasja van Gestel is an Assistant Professor in Biological Sciences at Texas Tech University, and a research affiliate with the Texas Tech Climate Center. She is a global change ecologist. Her expertise is in the effects of the environment on plants and soil microbes, with a particular focus on the carbon cycle. Her work has taken her to Antarctica where she has done research regarding warming effects on plant photosynthesis and microbial activity. She is currently leading a grower citizen science project to help Texas growers improve soil health to better face climate extremes.​

Contact Information:
Email: natasja.van-gestel@ttu.edu


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