​Influence of Precision Agriculture on Sustainability

December 2021 | 15 min., 26 sec.
by Lori Duncan
The University of Tennessee


​​Agriculture is facing unprecedented times with the changing climate, water quality challenges, trade and policy issues, and shifting consumer interests. Producers have many tools to address these challenges, including precision agriculture, which is rapidly evolving and multifaceted enough to mitigate many environmental woes while maintaining farm profitability. This presentation will cover the acquisition, assessment, and application of data relevant to increasing sustainability of a farming operation. Specific examples of the use of technologies on farm with associated environmental and economic outcomes will be discussed.

About the Presenter

Lori Duncan​​​Lori Duncan is an assistant professor in the Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science Department at the University of Tennessee and serves as the crop sustainability specialist with the University of Tennessee Extension. She develops applied research and disseminates educational and outreach programs in sustainable cropping systems with a specific interest in utilization of technologies. From the local to the national scale, Duncan works with growers, consultants, agribusinesses, NGOs, commodity organizations, and regulatory officials to promote sustainable management techniques and practice adoption. Duncan holds BS, MS, and PhD degrees in biosystems engineering from the University of Tennessee.​

Contact Information:
Email: laduncan@utk.edu


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