Episode 9 - Fiber Quality

August 2021 | 22 min., 39 sec.
by Seth Byrd, Keith Edmisten, Bob Hutmacher, and Tyson Raper
Oklahoma State University, NC State University, UC Davis, and The University of Tennessee (respectively)


​​Keith Edmisten, Bob Hutmacher, and Tyson Raper review fiber quality topics from their perspective regions, including current issues, improvements in quality parameters, and research they have conducted on fiber quality. Podcast hosted by Seth Byrd.​

About the Presenter

​​Seth ByrdSeth Byrd is the Extension cotton specialist for Oklahoma State University. He received a bachelor’s degree in agronomy from North Carolina State University, a master’s degree in agronomy from the University of Florida, and a PhD in crop and soil science with a focus on cotton agronomics from the University of Georgia. (OSU photo by Todd Johnson)​

Keith EdmistenKeith Edmisten is a Professor and Extension Cotton Specialist with North Carolina State University. He received his BS in Agronomy from North Carolina State in 1981 He received his MS in Crop Science in 1985 from the same institution. He received his PhD in Agronomy in 1987 from Virginia Tech. Dr. Edmisten grew up on a farm in Iredell County, North Carolina.​

​​Tyson B. RaperTyson Raper is the Pettigrew Cotton Specialist for the University of Tennessee, with a 75% Extension and 25% research appointment in the Department of Plant Sciences. Dr. Raper is stationed at the West Tennessee Research and Education Center and leads the cotton and small grains programs. His research and Extension program is focused on variety testing, fertility, and a variety of precision ag projects. Additionally, Dr. Raper manages the University of Tennessee Cotton MicroGin. Dr. Raper received his BS from Auburn University, his MS from Mississippi State University, and his PhD from the University of Arkansas.


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