​​​​​Resistance of Botrytis to Fungicides in California Strawberries

November 2017 | 17 min., 23 sec.
by Scott Cosseboom
California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo


​This webcast discusses strawberry gray mold, the resistance of its causal agent, Botrytis cinerea, to fungicides, and management options for the future. Results from a survey of fungicide resistance of the California strawberry crop’s B. cinerea population shows an example of a dynamic multi-fungicide resistance issue. Multiple fungicide applications per season appear to be selecting for increasingly resistant populations of B. cinerea. A resistance management strategy to delay further resistance development is discussed and encouraged. This presentation will aid members of the strawberry industry and other fields in the sustainable management of a multi-fungicide resistant pathogen. Visit this link for a printable summary of Strawberry Gray Mold: sustainable management and fungicide resistance.​

About the Presenter

Scott Cosseboom​Scott Cosseboom is a master’s student at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, studying agriculture with an emphasis on plant protection. He earned his bachelor’s degree at the same school in agricultural and environmental plant sciences. During his time at the university, he has been a student research assistant in the Cal Poly Strawberry Center plant pathology lab. He also has previous experience working for an Extension plant pathologist and an Extension entomologist.​

Contact Information:
Email: scottcosseboom@gmail.com


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