​​Pythium Leak of Potato

January 2016 | 22 min., 05 sec.
by Lyndon Porter


​This presentation provides an overview of Pythium leak of potato. Growers, consultants, students, and others interested in the potato industry will come to understand the pathogen, disease symptoms, epidemiology, and management strategies associated with this worldwide disease of potato. Pythium leak can be a major storage disease, and this presentation will discuss practices to limit issues in storage facilities. Development of resistance by the pathogen in the United States to the fungicide metalaxyl will be discussed, along with its implications.

About the Presenter

Lyndon PorterLyndon Porter received his master’s degree in Botany from Brigham Young University and his doctorate degree in Plant Pathology from Washington State University, where he researched potato late blight. He was a postdoc at the University of Idaho for 2 years, developing management strategies for pink rot and Pythium leak of potato. For the past 10 years, he has been with the USDA-ARS in Prosser, Washington, where he conducts research on managing potato and legume diseases.​​

Contact Information:
Email: Lyndon.porter@ars.usda.gov


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