​​​​Metam Sodium: Implementation of Phase II Labeling

March 2013 | 26 min., 25 sec.
by Kyle Coleman
TKI NovaSource


For decades, growers of high-value crops have relied heavily on metam sodium and metam potassium products to control weeds, diseases, and nematodes. Soil fumigation is one of the most costly inputs for crop production, but without it, many crops, such as potatoes, onions, and carrots, would fail. To comply with EPA registration eligibility standards, numerous studies and label changes are underway. Label changes and required activities designed to address stewardship of the product are contained with the Phase I and II label requirements. Phase II changes took place in December of 2012 and will be discussed in this presentation.

About the Presenter

Kyle ColemanKyle Coleman holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in business from Utah State University. His experience in fumigation began while doing a Telone II internship for Dow Chemical (AgroSciences) in eastern Idaho while finishing his degree. He later worked with structural fumigants and urban pest management in Los Angeles. After a transfer to Dow’s headquarters in Indianapolis, Kyle took a job in his home state of Washington with Amvac Chemical. Kyle worked in sales and product management of the soil fumigant Vapam (metam sodium) for 13 years, playing a key role in the metam sodium Phase I and II implementation process. In 2011, Kyle took on a new role with TKI NovaSource, another supplier of metam sodium. He remains active in the development of product stewardship programs and is a patent holder for the SmartDrop system, a revolutionary method for delivering metam sodium applications by chemigation used primarily in Washington and Oregon.​

Contact Information:
Email: kcoleman@tkinet.com


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