​​​​Potato Economic Issues 2012

May 2012 | 23 min., 35 sec.
by Joe Guenthner
University of Idaho


​This presentation will cover four economic issues affecting the potato industry in 2012: market power in the potato marketing chain; potato production costs; crop protection and the influence of pests, such as zebra chip, on the competitive positions of potato production regions; and marketing, including discussion of a rapidly growing restaurant chain, Five Guys, that buys a large volume of fresh potatoes.

About the Presenter

Joe GuenthnerJoe Guenthner is a Professor of Agricultural Economics at the University of Idaho and has been a consultant to numerous potato agribusinesses. Joe earned a BS at the University of Wisconsin, an MS from Montana State University, and a PhD from Washington State University; he also was a Visiting Scholar at Cambridge University in England. Joe is involved with agricultural projects in developing countries and has worked with potato growers in Egypt, Ethiopia, Malawi, and South Africa. Joe is the author of the book The International Potato Industry and writes for several industry journals.​

Contact Information:
Email: jguenthner@uidaho.edu


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