​Factors That Cause Sugar Ends in Potatoes

June 2014 | 15 min., 55 sec.
by Mike Thornton
University of Idaho


​This presentation will help consultants, growers, and other practitioners in North America understand development of the physiological disorder called “sugar ends” in processing potatoes. Specifically, this presentation will focus on key stress factors associated with the development of sugar ends and the management practices that can help reduce this disorder.

About the Presenter

Mike ThorntonMike Thornton is a professor of plant science working on potatoes and onions for the University of Idaho at the Parma Research and Extension Center. His research program focuses on evaluation of new varieties, management of in-season pest problems, and reduction of losses during storage. He received his bachelor’s degree in 1980 from Washington State University, his master’s degree in 1983 from Colorado State University, and his PhD in 1990 from the University of Idaho.​

Contact Information:
Email: miket@uidaho.edu


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