​​Phosphorous Acid and Its Use in Potato Post-Harvest Situations

August 2014 | 9 min., 08 sec.
by Steven B. Johnson
University of Maine


This presentation will help consultants, Extension agents, growers, and other practitioners in potato-producing states to understand more about phosphorous acid and its use in potato post-harvest situations. Specifically, in this presentation, practitioners will learn the differences between phosphorus-containing compounds used in agriculture, what pathogens are controlled by phosphorous acid, and how to apply the material to potatoes entering storage. By the end of this presentation, practitioners should increase their knowledge of phosphorous acid and how to best use it in potato post-harvest situations for optimal disease control.​

About the Presenter

Steven B. JohnsonSteven B. Johnson is an Extension Professor and Extension Potato Specialist with the University of Maine, where he has been employed for 26 years. Steve has a PhD from the University of Florida, an MS degree from the University of Maine at Orono, and a BS degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison—all in plant pathology. His responsibilities in Maine are potato diseases, with potato late blight occupying a major portion of his time. When the crop is not in the field, potato storage disorders are a focus of his efforts.​

Contact Information:
Email: stevenj@maine.edu


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