​​The Changing Face of Potato Virus Y

September 2010 | 43 min., 19 sec.
by Stewart Gray


​This presentation will help growers, seed certification and regulatory officials, consultants, and other practitioners in the United States understand how and why Potato virus Y (PVY) is affecting the seed potato crop and why, if left unchecked, it will become a major disease issue for the food sector of the potato industry. Specifically, the presentation addresses the reemergence of PVY as a disease problem in seed potatoes; how regulatory, business, and science-based activities have addressed the problem; and what steps can be and are being taken to manage the disease and prevent the newly introduced tuber necrotic strains of the virus from becoming a major quality issue for potato growers. By the end of this presentation, practitioners should understand the emerging PVY problem and know more about the existing and developing strategies that seed certification programs and growers, especially seed growers, can use to control PVY.

About the Presenter

Stewart GrayStewart Gray is a senior scientist with the USDA Agricultural Research Service and an Adjunct Professor of Plant Pathology at Cornell and Pennsylvania State Universities; he has conducted research on plant virus diseases in Ithaca, New York, since 1987. He received both his MS in Entomology and PhD in Plant Pathology from North Carolina State University. His main areas of research include mechanisms of virus transmission by insects, virus epidemiology, host plant resistance to viruses, and virus disease management and control. He has responsibilities in virus disease management in potato and small grain crops.

Contact Information:
Email: Stewart.Gray@ars.usda.gov


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