​​Update on Potato Sprout Control

November 2014 | 20 min., 56 sec.
by Nora Olsen
University of Idaho


​This presentation will update growers and industry personnel in the United States on control options for potato sprout. Specifically, advances in technology, development of new products and formulations, and coordination of control programs have allowed flexibility and fine-tuning of sprout control in the industry. Variety differences, storage management practices, and consumer expectations have necessitated integrating ways to minimize sprout development in storage, through the cold chain, and/or in retail displays. General background and specific program options will be discussed. The information provided will help in the development of an individualized integrated program based on variety, storage conditions, and market.

About the Presenter

Nora OlsenNora Olsen is a Professor and Extension Potato Specialist for the University of Idaho at Kimberly. She received her MS and PhD in Horticulture from Washington State University, with an emphasis on potato physiology and production. Her research and Extension programs at the University of Idaho have focused on potato field and storage management, sprout and disease control in storage, seed physiology and performance, cultivar evaluation, and food and farm safety. Dr. Olsen has been the Program Director for the University of Idaho Kimberly Potato Storage Research Facility since 2003.

Contact Information:
Email: norao@uidaho.edu


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