​​​Irrigation Management in Soybean

February 2011 | 22 min., 26 sec.
by Trey Koger
Mississippi State University


​This presentation will help consultants, growers, and other practitioners in the mid-South with current production practices and techniques for irrigating soybeans. The presentation will also cover innovative research being conducted on new and more efficient techniques for irrigating soybeans with the end goal of increasing yield while maintaining or reducing current water usage. Finally, the presentation will discuss techniques and practices used for determining when to irrigate soybeans in the mid-South.

About the Presenter

Trey KogerTrey Koger grew up in south-central Oklahoma, an area where wheat and cattle are the main agriculture commodities. Trey obtained his BS in Agronomy from Oklahoma State University in December 1996 and his Masters of Science in Weed Science from OSU in December 1998. He obtained his PhD in Weed Science from Mississippi State University in December 2001. He has worked in Mississippi since completing his PhD as a Weed Scientist / Soybean Agronomist with the USDA-ARS in Stoneville, MS. Trey has been with Mississippi State University since 2006 and is the Soybean Extension Specialist with the Mississippi State University Extension Service. Trey’s responsibilities include statewide coordination of soybean extension programs with growers as well as the university and personnel working in soybean in the private and public sector.​

Contact Information:
Email: tkoger@drec.msstate.edu


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